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Noveleando Podcast

A podcast about las traiciones, las cachetadas, and los besos apacionados, that taught us how to be strong, independent women.

Sep 13, 2023

Weird stuff is going down in the small town of San Gregorio, and Dani and her friends need to figure out what's going on before more of their friends go missing. Dani Who?, from the producers of Sexo, Pudor, y Lagrimas, is an acid trip down memory lane. Set in 1990, this novela takes us back to high school, where five teenagers learn that they are not the only ones with secrets in this town, and some of those secrets can be deadly. 


Gloria De Leon (IG: gloriatheactress)

Guest: Amber Aviles (IG: amber__aviles)

Noveleando theme song written, performed, and produced by: Shireen Amini

Sound Mixing provided by: Clear Night Studio (IG: clearnightstudio)

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